WHT on dividends, interest and royalties

Cyprus does not levy a WHT on dividends, interest and royalties paid to non-residents of Cyprus except in the case of royalties earned on rights used within Cyprus, which are subject to a WHT of 10% (5% in the case of cinematographic films). Such Cyprus WHT on royalties for rights used within Cyprus may be reduced or eliminated by double tax treaties entered into by Cyprus or by the EU Interest and Royalty Directive as enacted in the Cyprus tax legislation.


WHT on other types of income

Cyprus levies a 10% WHT on technical services performed by nonresidents in Cyprus. However no such WHT is levied if such services are performed via a permanent establishment in Cyprus of the non-resident or if performed between ‘associated’ companies as these are defined by the EU Interest and Royalty Directive as enacted in the Cyprus tax legislation.

Cyprus also levies a 10% WHT on the gross income/ receipts derived by a non- resident individual from the exercise in Cyprus of any profession or vocation and the remuneration of non-resident public entertainers (such as theatrical, musical including football clubs, other athletic missions etc).

Further, a 5% WHT is levied on gross income derived from within Cyprus by non-residents with no local permanent establishment for services in regards to the exploration, extraction or exploitation of the continental shelf as well as the establishment and use of pipelines and other installations on the ground, on the seabed and on the surface of the sea.


WHT on dividend, interest and royalties tables

Table A below illustrates the applicable Cyprus WHT rates on outbound dividend, interest and royalty payments.

Table B, further below, illustrates the WHT rates provided for in the double tax treaties entered into by Cyprus. This table illustrates the maximum tax rates on Cyprus inbound payments which the treaty partner country may charge on such type incomes qualifying under the respective treaty. The actual WHT rate charged may be lower/eliminated based on each paying country’s domestic law provisions

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