Tax Diary 2015










Submission of form for deemed dividend distribution, I.R.623 for 2012








Electronic submission of the corpora­tion tax return (IR4) for the year 2013








Electronic submission of the income tax return (IR1) of physical persons preparing audited financial statement for the year 2013








Hard copy submission of income tax returns by individuals (IR1) (Employees with gross income exceeding €19.500) for the year 2015.










Submission of 2015 income tax return (IR1) by individuals who do not prepare audited financial statements if their gross income exceeds €19.500








Payment of special contribution of defence per six monthly periods (rents, interest)







Annual Government Fee payable to the Registrar of Companies








Electronic Submission of income tax returns by individuals (Employees with gross income exceeding €19.500) for the year 2015.








Electronic submission of employer's return - I.R.7 for the year 2015








Submission and payment of provisional corporate tax declaration(IR6) for 2015







Payment of previous year corporation tax using the self-assessment method








Payment of previous year personal income tax under the self-assessment method by individuals preparing audited financial statement








Electronic submission of income tax return by individuals who are excluded from preparing audited financial statements and their gross income exceeds €19.500








Payment of immovable property tax for the year 2015








Submission of revised provisional tax declaration, if necessary









Payment of PAYE

End of the month following the relevant month


Payment of social insurance on employees' salaries


Payment of special Defence Contribution on rental income, interest and dividend


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